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Helen Hiking

About Helen Vester

An experienced Professional Supervisor and CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Educator, with a background as a Hospital Pastoral Practitioner, Prison Chaplain and High School Teacher. I offer supervision to people  in pastoral/spiritual care and ministry roles, students of pastoral care/chaplaincy and students of supervision, through my private practice based in the Perth suburb of Attadale. I also offer education for beginning and experienced pastoral/spiritual carers, including the 400 hour program Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). 

As a professional supervisor and educator, I take to heart the Quaker author, Parker Palmer's words from his book A Hidden Wholeness, 'When you speak to me about your deepest questions, you do not want to be fixed or saved; you want to be seen and heard.'

Outside of Work

A Catholic lay person, with a particular interest in Ignition spirituality and contemplative forms of prayer, I live in Perth with my husband of 30 years. Our three young adult children live nearby.

One of our children has ADHD and autism. While she works full-time and lives independently, as a mother I know the challenges of having a child who does not fit societal norms.
I grew up in New Zealand and lived in the UK and The Netherlands before emigrating to Australia with my Dutch husband. I have lived experience of migration, language and cultural difference.
I love hiking and travelling including seeing WA in our camper.

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